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Yenh Mikolajewski

Embark on a transformative journey tailored just for you, based on our discovery call. This 12 Week PATH Custom Coaching Program. This unique coaching experience is designed to meet YOUR specific needs, aspirations, and challenges, ensuring a one-of-a-kind approach to unlocking your full potential. 

Key Features:

  • Tailored to You:  This is not a one-size-fits-all program. I begin by understanding your individual goals, strengths, and areas for growth. I will craft a personalized roadmap to guide you towards success to launch your platform on YouTube, Podcasting and Website presence.  To help others thriugh their journey of healin, fullness and freedom.

  • Flexible Structure Your coaching program adapts to your schedule and preferences. With a weekly, or a customized frequency, I'm here to accommodate your unique lifestyle.

  • Comprehensive Assessment:  I conduct a thorough assessment to identify your avatar. This serves as the foundation for creating a targeted and effective marketing plan.  We will map out your "Brenda"

  • Coaching:  I will work closely with you throughout the sessions. Benefit from personalized guidance, insightful feedback, and unwavering support as you navigate your journey.

  • Holistic Approach:  My coaching goes beyond specific goals; I focus on your holistic development. From career aspirations to personal well-being, we address various facets of your life to ensure comprehensive growth.

  • Goal Setting and Accountability:  Together, we set clear, achievable goals. I will provide the accountability and motivation needed to keep you on track, celebrating victories and strategizing through challenges.


Weeks 1-2: Avatar Creation and Goal Setting

  • Session 1: Introductions and Assessments

    • Define personal and professional goals

    • Identify strengths, challenges, and aspirations

  • Session 2: Avatar Creation

    • Create a detailed avatar/profile of your ideal coaching client

    • Explore their needs, pain points, and motivations

Weeks 3-8:  YouTube/Podcast Launch Schedule and Preparation

  • Session 3-4: Content Planning

    • Develop a content strategy for your YouTube channel and/or podcast

    • Plan your first few episodes

  • Session 5-8: Production Basics

    • Learn recording and editing basics

    • Set up necessary equipment and software

Weeks 7-8 Focus: (Your NEXT): Launching Your Coaching Program

  • Session 7: Program Structure

    • Define your coaching program structure, pricing, and offerings

    • Prepare program materials and resources

  • Session 8: Marketing and Launch

    • Develop a marketing strategy for your coaching program launch

    • Execute a pre-launch promotional campaign

    • Plan ongoing marketing efforts for sustained growth

This 8-week coaching schedule is designed to provide a comprehensive and structured approach to avatar creation, content creation, and ultimately, the launch of your own coaching program. Practical skills training aims to equip you for a successful coaching career.

On-Going VOXER CONNECT upon completion of the program for only $22/mo

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