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Ron Cool


Ron and Rachel, met in 2008 and married in 2011, are a dynamic couple dedicated to family, faith, and ministry. Blessed with three children—Phoenix, Phaelyn, and Rogan—they form a close-knit family that value love, faith, and shared experiences. In their ministry roles, Rachel serves as a Kids Director, guiding kids to love Jesus, love others, and love life. Ron is the Men's Ministry Director, leading and uplifting men in their spiritual journeys. Together, they embody a commitment to service, family, and the shared pursuit of a purposeful life grounded in Christian principles.


Ron is a seasoned expert in the art of podcast launching. With a wealth of experience and a passion for amplifying voices, Ron specializes in guiding aspiring podcasters through the intricate process of launching their own impactful shows. His proven strategies encompass not only technical know-how but also a keen understanding of storytelling, audience engagement, and leveraging the power of podcasts to make a lasting impression. Ron's expertise transforms podcasting dreams into reality, providing individuals with the tools and insights they need to share their stories and messages with the world.

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Ron Cool TOP Christian COACH

Ron is a passionate leader of Men's Ministry through the local church. With a heart dedicated to guiding and uplifting men in their spiritual journeys, Ron has been recognized for his exceptional contributions. Recently honored as the Top Christian Life Coach for 2023 by, Ron's commitment to mentoring and coaching extends beyond the four walls of the church. His award-winning approach combines deep spiritual insight with practical life coaching, empowering individuals to navigate challenges, discover purpose, and align with their faith. Ron's impact resonates not only within the Men's Ministry but also in the broader community, where lives are transformed through his inspirational leadership and coaching excellence.

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